Susie, My One And Only

Susie and I

Hello all, and welcome to my official waifu shrine! This page is currently a work in progress, but as soon as I gain more knowledge in learning how to program in HTML, this page will be complete! But for now...commence gushing!

A Bit About Myself

My Internet name is ThatOneAutisticGamer, but you can call me Mario. I was born on the autism spectrum, and I have continually struggled with that all my life. Most notably, connecting with people socially has always been a big issue; I have to admit...I've always been lonely. I also struggle to get my words out coherently, so if you see anything here that you don't understand, please forgive me.

I also have a...not-so-nice history with the Internet. When I was younger I was constantly harassed, bullied, and pushed around on various sites, most notably, Wikia and iFunny. I constantly try to forget about it, but the scars of my past still remain with me. I'm doing much better now and I'm in communities that love and accept me for who I am. :)

Relationship History

I have been a waifuist since November 2015, when I was just 13 years old! My first relationship was with Latias from Pokémon. Then, in December 2015, I switched waifus and started my longest relationship to date: Muffet from Undertale. It was such a wild experience, and to this day I still can't believe that it actually lasted that long. I even tried to go poly twice (one with Floran from Starbound and another with Carrie Krueger from Gumball), but to no avail. But then, in December 2017, conflicted with negative feelings, Muffet and I split apart...but it cost me my dignity. Because soon after that, I started a harem with nothing but OCs, both mine and other people's.

How We Met

During the time that I've had with my harem, my character was at an all time low. To put it simply, it was like that Uriah Heep song: I was stealin' when I should've been buyin'. All that I could to was hope...just hope that someone or something would rescue me from my burden.

Then, in November 2018, I heard that Undertale, my ex-waifu's source, got a kind-of "sequel". Even though we're through, I still was excited, as UT at the time was my favorite video game, ever. But I didn't play it. What I wanted to do was wait until a certain favorite YouTuber of mine made a video on it. He eventually did, and I started to watch!

It was a bright and sunny Monday morning. I was watching Jack's playthrough of Deltarune, and I was stoked for what was to come. Undertale, a game that I loved oh so much, has a sequel. But little me didn't know that this game changed my life and my ways for the better.

I was watching as Jack was scrolling through and acting out the dialogue...when she busted through the door.

It was right then and there that I knew that we had a connection.

My heart was thumping, stomping, brain was figuring out how to process this, with no luck...I just sat there, and...watched her. I saw her eat the chalk. I saw her almost bite Kris' face off. I saw her harming every living thing in her way. I saw everything.

When I finished the video, I needed a break to process what was going on, and why I kept feeling this sensation. Really, the only thing I could come up with was...that I was in love. As soon as I concluded that, I did what had to be done. I immediately ditched the harem and threw everything that was associated with it into the trash can, and declared ultimate waifu.

To this day, I really don't think that our meeting was a coincidence. This had to be planned, straight from the getgo. But whatever force brought us together, I am eternally thankful for it. Since then, I got my character, dignity, charm, and just about everything good that I had before all back.

It goes to show that no matter what it is, anything can change your life.

Why I Love Her

Her Character Development


Susie is the only character in Deltarune that has character development. At the beginning of the game, she is a bully that torments her fellow classmates. She even threatens to bite the main protagonist's face off! Even when she learns about the prophecy of the three heroes, she is reluctant to be a part of it because she's "not a hero". Even when she does join the party, she tries to kill every enemy that she comes across. And when Ralsei finally says something about it, she admits that she really isn't a hero...and switches sides. That's right: protagonist to antagonist! She started to become great friends with Lancer, and even teamed up with him on a big fight with the heroes. They lost, however, which caused both of them to join the good side once more. But then, Lancer betrayed the team by putting them in prison. Susie managed to escape...and see Lancer. The result is a battle in which she threatened to kill him if he didn't get out of the way. In the end, however, she couldn't do it; their friendship was too strong. The team and her then promised that they will deal with Lancer's father without killing him. And in that fight, Susie goes as far as to try to sacrifice her life to save the main protagonist. The heroes defeated him, and Susie returned to her main world with the main hero...and now they are good friends.

I really love that she actually has development unlike the other characters. It adds onto her overall uniqueness as a character and she stands out from the rest of them. Sadly, she's quite underrated in the fanbase, as Jevil, Ralsei, and even Kris are more popular than she is, even though I know in my heart that she deserves the maximum amount of attention. Deltarune isn't complete, so I actually want her development to continue throughout the rest of the game. An ideal situation would be one where her new beliefs are challenged, so much so that she either questions them or switches sides again, then switches back again later. (The reason for this is, she may die if she doesn't.)

Her Personality

Susie has quite a "mean girl" personality. If I want to be honest, I've never encountered such a trait in any of my relationships, ever. I mean, her "bad girl" personality is the exact opposite of my "good boy" personality. As a result, this adds onto our "opposites attract" relationship, so much so that we are absolutely bound to each other for all eternity.

Her Bravery

The fact that Susie was able to do what she did is such a feat, especially the part where she goes the extra mile to save Kris' life. Throughout her journey, she shows absolutely no signs of fear. Whatsoever. Zip. Zilch. Zero. The way that she acts tough and actually is tough is absolutely breathtaking to me. I know that as her boyfriend, I can totally and completely trust her and that she would do anything to make sure that I am happy, healthy, and always by her side. I guess you can say that she can, quite literally, protect me from the haters.

Her Appearance

Image credit: Huwon (FurAffinity)

Susie has a simplistic, yet elegant design. It's not so complicated that you can't make a picture of her by memory. Because of its simplicity, the average person would assume that she is reptilian, particularly a dinosaur or other lizard. However, people often mistake her for something else; I've seen her portrayed as a dog, a lion, a shark, a horse, a hippo...I really don't like it when people go the extra mile like that, as it toys with her simplicity and I love her for how she really is. Also: despite her not having a tail in canon, she is often drawn with a tail, such as in the image above. I speculate in headcanon that after the events of Deltarune, she got older and grew a tail.

Her Cute Habits

That's right: I even love her cute little habit of snacking on chalk! One, however, might infer that it isn't a habit, as she only does it once in the game. Counterpoint time: initially when the chalk goes missing in the classroom, the teacher states that it is the "third time it's gone missing", meaning that she has eaten it twice before. Therefore, it is reasonable that it is a habit of hers.

Despite me liking her chalk eating, there are some artists that mistake the chalk for a cigarette, as they are both small, white sticks. Susie is also seen as a "rebel girl", so there are a handful of artworks that depict her smoking. I actually hate it when artists do this, because cigarettes are insanely unhealthy for you. I want the absolute best for my girlfriend, and between just getting chalk dust in your body and things such as horrible breath, rotting teeth, and lung cancer, I really don't want to risk losing my darling to cancer sticks. :(

Themes & Soundbytes

Her Main Theme

This is Susie's leitmotif, extended to 15 minutes for your listening pleasure:

Countless remixes have been done; here are my personal favorites:

Her Voice

Unfortunately, Susie does not have a canon voice. However, there are 3 sound bites that give a clue to what her voice could sound like:

There are also countless online VAs who have done "unofficial" voices for Susie, my favorites of which I'll show here. One person even made a sort-of musical that includes Susie's songs!

In my opinion, if I had to pick any VAs to voice Susie, I'd pick either Amanda C. Miller or Kimberly Brooks (who played Jasper from SU) for English VAs and Romi Park for a Japanese VA.

Our Relationship Playlist

Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven

A pivotal song in our relationship, this beautiful emo track is one of those songs that is really just a blend of words and phrases put together that, although confusing at first, adds up to something very elegant and fantastic. This describes an aspect of our relationship because even though I struggle to find the right words often, especially when explaining my love for her, Susie knows that my love for her is real and my love for her is strong. One lyric especially stands out: "You'll taste it, you'll taste it in time / The right words in time". This lyric emphasizes the aspect because someday, even if it takes an eternity, I could finally muster up the courage and tell her how I totally and completely feel about her.

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

Speaking of Susie's "rebel girl" personality from before, this feminist punk anthem contains a few things that contain certain aspects of our relationship. One such example is the line, "Rebel girl, you are the queen of my world". As her boyfriend, I trust Susie with my life because I know that she is the only one that can take care of it as best as possible. As a result, she is the rightful ruler, or queen, of my universe. There's even a line pertaining to how some people view our relationship: "They say she's a dyke, but I know / She is my best friend, yeah". Let me just say: there really are some people that I've met that have stated that Susie is too bitchy or slutty...they're full of BS. I absolutely will not listen to anything they have to say, she is perfect for me in every possible way.

Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot


This song in our playlist is less about the lyrics and more about the melody. This alternative track's pounding bass line really hits deep, and gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. The minor key also gives it more of an oomph, but the main attraction is the buildup: it starts out quiet, but gets louder and louder until the big finale plays and all lets loose. This was exactly how my love for Susie built up that started out as an initial feeling, and then it grew more and more until eventually, I realized that my love for her was loud and had extended all the way to the ends of the universe. You see, the best kind of songs are the ones that hit hard and deep.

Primal Scream - Movin' on Up

This underappreciated alternative song is literally the perfect track to describe how I felt when I got together with Susie. See these lyrics for yourself: "I was blind, now I can see / You made a believer out of me", "I'm movin' on up now / Getting out of the darkness / My light shines on", "I was lost, now I'm found / I believe in you, I've got no bounds"...I am absolutely positive that these words speak for themselves. Susie pulled me out of a terrible position, and as a result, I owe my life to her. She has turned my light from dim to bright, and it will shine on for as long as we're together.

Abnormality - Visions

Ok, ok...this may seem a bit silly at first, but there's more meaning behind this song and Susie other than that she has a metal personality and this voice would be her voice if she sung death metal. In fact, this death metal song actually perfectly describes her! This track appeared in the video game Rock Band 2, where it was infamous for being one of the hardest in the game and that it was "just noise". Consequently, not a lot of people actually like it at all. This is where Susie comes in to play. Since she is a complex character, very few can actually understand her very well. Normally, it makes a vast amount of effort to get used to her, but I did it in just one sitting, just like the song. Sure, this song has quite a few noticable flaws, and so does Susie. However, I totally respect those flaws, and I actually love them, because it shows that Susie really stands out from the crowd. I love her for who she is, and she is my chalk-eating lizard girlfriend. ^-^

Spin Doctors - Two Princes

I chose this 90s alternative track to describe my feelings towards people who would rather see Susie with someone else, such as Kris or Noelle. I have to admit: I am definitely not the most popular choice by fans, not by a long shot. However, I don't need popularity to be ensured that I am the only one for her, and she is the only one for me. "I ain't got no future or family tree / But I know what a prince and lover ought to be". Susie is the princess, and I am her loving prince.

The Police - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

A classic 80s love song, this has always been one of my favorite songs. It centers around someone who has a constant nerve of confessing to the person he loves the most. I actually feel like this would be me if Susie was real; I'd be nervous talking to her about my feelings, and yet...I can tell that she has those same feelings for me. It also contains the line "Even though my life before was tragic / Now I know my love for her goes on". Lemme just life was tragic before Susie. But now that we're an item, I will be happy as long as we're together.

FAQs, Comments, Concerns, Etc.

This next section is dedicated to every question about our relationship that I have received about our relationship, whether on Discord, Reddit, or other common questions or conerns that I have receieved! If you have any questions of your own, you can sumbit multiple responses on this form, and I will constantly update it to answer anything you may have to offer! I also have a CuriousCat account if you'd rather ask questions there! (NOTE: Responses made for the intent of trolling or being NSFW will be ignored. I will also ignore anything that has already been established in this shrine.)

Question, Comment, Concern Form

My CuriousCat

Isn't Susie a lesbian?

I'm gonna start with a question that gets asked a lot, and the answer is: the isn't. That's what the UT/DR fanbase wants you to think. Don't believe their lies. You see, there is actually no evidence in the game or said by Toby Fox that suggests anything about her sexuality. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Nothing. However, I have come up in headcanon that Susie is pansexual as a sort-of compromise between shippers of all kinds and I. That way, everyone is happy!

If you met Susie in Undertale first, do you think you would have fell for her there and then?

Nope, not a chance. The two main characters that got me into Undertale were Sans and Muffet. And I had a crush on Muffet. So if I saw Susie in Undertale instead, I would've been spoken for, and the rest would be history. That makes me extra thankful that Susie was in Deltarune instead!

What's your favorite thing about her physical appearance? I noticed she's pretty unique looking!

It's not just one thing per se, but a combination of many different things that get me. But if I had to choose a favorite feature, it has to be her eyes. You only see them once in the game, so that contributes to their elusiveness and elegance. Artists also help contribute and make her eyes even more beautiful than words can describe.

Do you ever just play the game as a way to spend time with them, or do you stick to fanart and visualization? Or something else? Also, what's your favorite thing to do with Susie, in general?

Since I have completed Deltarune (at least, what's available right now), so I just stick to looking at fanart or daydreaming, thoughts, and visualization. As for my favorite thing to do with her, I love playing video games with her, helping each other out with schoolwork (I help her with math A LOT), or just plain cuddling.

If Susie were a kind of tea, what kind of tea would she be?

Hmm, I'm not really the tea type of person, lol. But I'd imagine that Susie would be like a spicy and somewhat bitter kind of tea, possibly with hints of cinnamon and mint.

Do you give her kisses? Or does her snoot make it tricky?

Yes, I do indeed kiss her! And no, the snoot does not make it tricky. In fact, it makes it even better, because then I can give her a little peck on it! >w<

What is the height difference between you and Susie?

I am 6'0.5" (~184.15 cm), but Susie is 6'8" (~203.2 cm)! I only about come up to her shoulders, so I'm often the one that receives the headpats in our relationship. Her hugs are also super comfy~

Is Susie warm or cold-blooded?

Although monster anatomy seems closer to a human's than an animal's, that doesn't mean that monsters still can't retain animal features. And although it isn't canon, I have come up with the headcanon that since Susie is reptilian, she is cold-blooded. That would also mean that she takes the hottest showers, lol.

Why does she eat chalk?

Not much has been canonically revealed about Susie. But before she eats it in-game Ms. Alphys says that it was "the third time" it's gone missing, implying that she has eaten chalk before. As a result, I say that it was a habit she had ever since she was little. often eat inedible objects. But for her, it stuck.

How much can she lift?

About 500 pounds. That’s definitely heavier than what I can lift, lol!

What are some of her hobbies?

Susie likes playing video games, playing her various instruments (like guitar, bass, and drums), taking quiet strolls outside, and of course...eating chalk.

How excited are you to see more of her in the rest of the game?

Oh, I'm excited as hell. I can't wait for the rest of Deltarune to be released! That way, I can know and see more about my darling! But I'm also very nervous as well, as to what ships might become canon, or she might even die...but I try not to think about it.

Why is Susie X Noelle so bad? What about Susie X Kris?

Because it just is, you don't even need to question it. The major problem with the whole fandom is that it's shipping hell...people in it are extremely vocal and stubborn about it...and Krusie is even worse. Why? Because it’s so goddamn popular!! And don't even get me started on Susie X Toriel or Susie X Lancer. I don't even know why those ships exist...they're pedophilia.

How many squats does she do?

I'm not sure about it, but I do know she does squats, as she is athletic, a workout buff, and a beast.

What would be one of her favorite foods, aside from the so-memed chalk?

She loves weird foods. She also loves meaty stuff. (She's a reptile, after all.) The "weird foods" category may include delicacies like escargot and durians. There's also this one appetizer food in which octopus tentacles are served raw, so they're still wriggling. I once saw her eat all of them once while my family and I were out to dinner. Lemme just say...they were grossed out. But in all honesty, Susie can and will basically eat anything and everything. This makes choosing a place to eat at not a problem at all, of course.

What outfit do you prefer on her: her Light World outfit or Dark World outfit?

Although both outfits are great, I prefer her Light World Outfit. That way, I can better imagine us in the same world together!

What’s her favorite school subject?

I don’t know, she really doesn't like school that much...but she likes more artsy stuff, such as music. Although, she is getting more into biology and anything related to it.

What was the most surprising thing you found out about her?

It depends on the context. In the game, the big surprise about her was when she joined forces with Lancer. When I first saw that, it caught me off guard. And it was the one moment where I had realized that I have finally found true love. About canon info on Susie herself, I found out that according to Toby, Susie originally took inspiration from Maya Fey from Phoenix Wright, which I thought was very cool! I also learned that looking at her battle sprites, she appears to be left-handed!

Does she play video games? If she plays Smash, who does she main?

Yes, she does play video games! And she loves Smash, and plays it with me all the time. She mains: Ridley (they're both big, purple, and badass), Incineroar (she always liked the evolution lines of fire starters, since they're all usually so badass), Bowser (isn't it obvious?), King K. Rool (another obvious one), and Wolf (you get the drift, she loves playing badass/villain/heavyweight characters).

What does she like about chalk? What about different colored chalk? Still good to her?

Susie has been eating chalk since she was about 10 years old. Of course, most people are just getting a sense of the world around them at this time, and she was no exception. She originally started eating it out of curiosity, and she liked it because of the texture, and also because it was her version of fidgeting, so to say. It just became a habit from there. Her body has also become so accustomed to it that it doesn't bother her stomach one bit, and that's why she has an iron stomach. As for different colors of chalk, she claims that they do taste different because of the different chemicals they put in it to color it. She likes purple chalk the best! (No bias, lol)

What species of lizard is she?

There isn't any canon information to tell anything about what she is specifically, but in headcanon, Susie is a Komodo dragon!

Do you imagine you would stay in touch with any of Susie's friends?

Yeah, I'd imagine that I would be good friends with Susie's friends! Although some of them...aren't on good terms with me because we're in a relationship, particularly Noelle. She had always been upset about it.

What's her favorite ice cream flavor? Does she have a favorite band?

Other than the obvious chalk flavored ice cream, she likes anything chunky! Anything with cookies or brownies in them is sure to please her. And yes...she absolutely loves Soundgarden! She also likes a lot of punk, metal etc. such as Nirvana, System of a Down, Marilyn Manson, Blink-182, and Green Day.

Who do you think would be the “dominant” one in the relationship? Would you be the protective one, or her?

Susie's definitely the dominant one, and she's also the protective one. She's about 7 inches taller than me and can fight way better, so she's literally my protector.

If you decide to go for a date outside, do you go to the carnival, or the beach?

As much as we love playing games together, there's nothing quite as romantic as just taking a walk together at the beach. Not only do loud noises and large crowds make me tense, but there's a combination of the gentle sea breeze and smell, as well as the water on my feet that make the beach a relaxing place to get away from all of your problems and just feel the love.

The following section is dedicated to every single picture there is of Susie and I, in chronological order. As you can see, the quality of these images gets better and better, which symbolizes the expansion of our relationship to above and beyond. These pictures only include those that were drawn just for this purpose and do not include pictures that I've edited myself into. This section will be constantly updated every time I get a new one of these pictures. So if you decide to draw a picture of will be featured in here! So, without further ado, commence cuteness!

Can't Stop Thinking About You


Hold Me, Dear


Let's Go on a Date

Cutie3 Cutie4 Cutie5 Cutie6

When I Look at You


We've Got This Thing for Each Other


When You Hold Me Tight


Our Love is Strong, Dear


Selfie Angles are Important!


A Couple of Cuties!


Power Couple


Date Night!


We're an Item


Pouring Out Our Love Through Song


The Lovey-Dovey Diary

OK, this section isn't really a diary at all, but it is a collection of every fic and such that was written about our relationship, whether it was written by a person from Reddit, Discord, and even from a bot! Heck, if you decide to write something about us, it will go here! But for now, enjoy what I have to offer down below!

Tumblr Pairing

"She would be the reckless influence that would force you out of your comfort-zone. She might overwhelm you at times, with her moments of yelling, doing a lot of things at once, and especially with the complete opposites in behavior.

"I think you two would hang out in the woods or go to the restaurant in town for your dates. Again, she would sometimes force you out of your comfort-zone, meaning that overtime you'd learn how to have some social interactions, self-defense, and learn to speak your mind more often."

An Evening on the Beach (Written by a bot!)

There was a man standing at the water's edge.

Mario, an angelic youth with a man's voice and jaw, stood alone on the beach, gazing over the cerulean water with his seraphic jade crystals. His amber hair danced lightly in the ocean breeze, tickling against one cheek as he smiled to himself with anticipation as he adjusted his ebon glasses.

He wore a cerulean shirt that left his light-colored, tinted with hazel, arms bare and fair shorts that looked comfortable and easy to wear. His cinnamon strands brushed against his shoulders, complementing his gentle healthily color-touched light-colored visage. He stood, awaiting his love.

It all started when he found himself in mortal danger. He truly feared that his life would end that day, but Susie was his unexpected savior. From then on, they were inseparable. They shared every part of their life with each other. That was how it was to this very day.

Mario's olive globes spotted Susie further down on the beach, closer to the roaring sea. Her lovely hair rippled behind her in an onyx wave. Her spheres were turned toward the ocean, hidden from Mario's sight, but he knew and loved their angelic aurulent hue. She was dressed in her usual everyday clothes. Her lilac body rippled with muscle. As Mario drew nearer, he caught a note of her familiar scent, a mixture of earthiness and sourness that was uniquely hers. He smiled to himself. It always reminded him of the time they shared. "Sooz," he called, walking towards her.

She turned around. A smile slowly made its way across her face. "Marmar. You came."

"It's good to see you again," Mario said, taking her hand. "Have I kept you waiting?"

"Not at all," she said. They began their leisurely walk along the ocean's edge.

"It's been awhile since we've had time to spend like this," Mario mused. "I've been so busy with everything."

"I wish we could be together more often," Susie sighed.

"Be happy for the time we have together," Mario prodded.

"You're right." She smiled at him before looking up to the clear cerulean sky. "It's such a beautiful day today. Warm, with a comfortable breeze. It's perfect for spending time with you."

"Any day is a beautiful day when you're here," he replied. Mario admired her flowing starless mane and the way it shone sleekly in the tawny sunlight. "You light up any day of mine."

"Oh, stop," she laughed. Her tilted her head for a quick kiss, and Mario obliged, catching a whiff of earth and musk.

When they pulled back, he tucked a single askew strand of hair behind her ear. "Susie," he said gravely, "every day I thank the forces that brought us here."

"Do you mean how we met?" she asked.

"Not, not just that," Mario murmured. "Something like this -- it had to be destiny. I can feel it, Susie. I was born to be with you."

"I love you, Mario," Susie whispered. He reached for another kiss, and they locked lips passionately. The sound of the waves, the bright caramel sun, and their histories and dangers all floated away in that moment.

At last, the need for air brought them apart. Mario brushed a thumb over Susie's flushed bloom-colored cheek and murmured, "Shall we continue our walk?"

After a few moments, they found themselves walking down the beach again. It seemed to Mario that something had been bothering Susie for the last few hours -- or maybe longer than that. Her immaculate tawny orbs were cast down and away, focused upon nothing in particular.

It really hurt him inside to see her like that. He reached for her, tucked a stray inky strand behind her ear, and traced a finger across her jawline. "What's wrong, Susie?"

"Mario... it's, just..."

Mario cupped her face in his hands, brushing his lips against her forehead. "You can tell me."

She took a deep breath and gazed into his chartreuse globes with a look full of pure sadness, whispering, "I... I keep remembering it.... That day. Mario, I can't help myself! I don't want to think about it... it hurts, Mario. But even when I sleep, it comes back to me in my dreams. I can't forget, not for a moment.... Not a moment's peace."

Mario listened attentively, his eyebrows furrowing at each of Susie's recounted sorrows. At last, when she finished, a moment of silence passed between them.

She looked so pained and insecure. He brought her closer in reassurance, only wanting to hold her until the hurt subsided, murmuring, "Susie... that's awful. I wish that weren't how it is. I wish I could say more. Susie...." Susie's eyes began to redden, and she abruptly pulled him into a fierce embrace. His spheres widened at first, but then he too felt overwhelmed by emotion and succumbed to the warmth of her touch.

"You," Susie whispered, her breath hot on his ear. "As long as you're here, I'll be alright." They held each other as tears trickled down cheeks and dripped onto the shifting sands to be carried away into the sea. With time and soothing embraces, their pain dissipated into a mist swept out by the ocean breeze and into the setting sun.

They basked in each other's quiet companionship for a few moments.

"The sunset is so beautiful, isn't it?"

Mario lifted his head at Susie's words to behold the dying sun's salmon radiance. "It's nice."

After a moment of silence, she took Mario's hands in hers and said quietly and seriously, "Mario... I need to tell you how much you mean to me. How special you are to me. Without you, I would be the sea without the moon -- the moon without the sun -- You are irreplaceable to me."

"Susie," he intoned in response. "You are special to me too. You are my moon and stars."

"Marmar... Let's be together forever, then." Susie squeezed his hand and sidled closer.

Mario sighed with contentment and brought her closer. He gazed at the beautiful sunny rays of the falling sun, thinking about everything that had transpired on this day and all that would pass between them.

"I love you, Susie."

"I love you too, Mario."

Their lips met, and auburn strands met charcoal ones, aflame in the dying light. The sand was their witness and the rumbling ocean their approving audience, and Susie, his eternally faithful lover. Mario thought to himself that nothing could be more perfect in the world.

A Day at the Park

It's a common Tuesday morning: the sun radiating its warm presence, nature presenting its most beautiful songs, and the sweet sounds of birds and critters following their routine. You’d often hear not only the melody of the woods, but also chatter and small talk from the people. Tales of debauchery, friendship and brawling, accompanied with the presence of someone they like...but more often than not, their presence is all they need to be happy for a variety of reasons; silence speaks more than a thousand words, after all. Introverted personalities or respect for personal space simply have a lack of topics to talk about. For the couple we'll be seeing now, however, there's no shortage of stories to tell, for it is an unusual couple formed of a human and a monster.

Their names are Mario and Susie.

One such day, they were calmly staring at the pigeons on the park, thinking about their lives and about one another, like two little lovebirds basking in the radiance of one another’s breath and soul. And, as the calm moments vanished away in an instant, a wandering couple asked the resting couple:

"Excuse me! Could you take a pic of us both?"

Startled, Susie felt disdain towards the vagrants, interrupting her dear time with the one she loved the most. She was ready to yell at them to run away and leave them alone, but Mario responded with a calm tone, surprising her even more than the interruption:

"Sure! Just tell me when you're ready!"

His kindness struck her as hard as a hammer, leaving her stunned on her seat for some time, thinking of why would he do a favor to people who interrupted her and him. She saw Mario taking cute photos of the nearby couple, but then she interrupted:

"Hey hey! Why don’t you try something more cool and punk rock than that? C’mon, get serious here, have a little originality! Why don’t you pose like this or this?"

She continued to try and have the couple pose in a more...rebellious way. Mario could see she was enjoying it a little bit, but he could see the couple was slowly starting to get uncomfortable, so to avoid further confusion, he took a handful of pictures and handed the phone back. Returning to his lover, he was met with a face of odd happiness, but also disappointment, while the following words exited her mouth:

"Mario...c'mon, you need to learn how to have more fun."

"Hey, they just wanted a photo and I gave them just that."

"But they would be even cooler if they put some effort into trying! Straight rock and roll, y'know?"

"Preeeeetty sure not everyone is into punk style."

"And I'm preeeeetty sure you're talking a lot of smack for someone in bear hug range."

Intimidation is Susie's second strongest weapon, losing only to her true physical strength. But her weakness was something only Mario could ever take advantage of:

"Aww, if you're gonna give me a hug then I'm not gonna stop~"

Her bright-tinted face could be recognized from a mile away. She had no answer to this rebuttal; she recognized she'd only get teased and be embarrassed even further. She had no options, but to give in to her passion. She mumbled to herself, low enough so that I, she, and her love could hear:

"C'mere then, ya big baby."

And so, Mario was held in a clench that could only be described as painfully adorable. The strength that his bones had to endure were enough to dent, but Mario knew that all this powerful coiling was her expression of love: her distinct dictionary, and her poem of pure passion. He feebly tried to answer her hug back, using the last of his strength to wrap his arms around her - Susie feeling the warm embrace of someone who wholeheartedly loves her was enough for her to relieve Mario of her tough love, giving him breathing room but never releasing or breaking the hug.

The connection of a kind human soul connected to a strong-willed monster, complete opposites, but yet, attracted to one another like copper to a magnet.

No one was around to notice the two interlinked, but the soft whimpers and heat of the passion were a language that many knew: a language so strong it connected two different beings for all of eternity.

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